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Professional architecture and planning for country clubs, baseball facilities, and craft breweries - and the clients who enjoy them.

The firm’s diversified background in commercial and residential design and development throughout the United States accommodated through its fully staffed office in Tampa, Florida. The staff comprises experienced professionals whose capabilities, skills, and knowledge coincide with the firm's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. This commitment is exemplified by the fact that the average tenure of principals and associates exceeds sixteen years.

In the ongoing spirit of responsible leadership, Hafner Architects utilizes advanced computer technology for both production efficiency and critical information processing. This includes the constant monitoring of changes in the evolving art of building construction as well as legislative and environmental regulations that have key impact on the construction industry.

A Legacy of Excellence

With 81 years of built projects in our portfolio, it's safe to say classic design will never go out of style.

The Macewen Group, Inc.


Harry A. “Bo” MacEwen, the founder of The MacEwen Group, Inc. decided to become an architect at the age of nine, when he began art lessons. During the ensuing years, he pursued this ambition by continuing art studies through grade school, high school, and college, including engineering construction and architectural design.

During MacEwen’s high school and early college years, he had the privilege of working with one of the South’s outstanding classicist architects - W. Elliott Dunwody, Jr. His education in classic architecture combined with exposure to traditional studies under Dunwody’s guidance and tutelage prepared him to formulate the basis for Hafner | Ferlita Architects’ range of architectural styles - from classic architectural treatment to contemporary designs.

Creative experience was the driving force behind the continuing architectural career of Harry A. MacEwen until his death in 2002. His enduring professional drive spanned more than 54 years and now is characterizes in a firm that truly enjoys the practice of architecture. 

Today, the emphasis of Hafner Architects in Tampa remains the same as the philosophy of the young firm established in 1936…to provide an exceptional product and impeccable service combined with a reverence for budgetary, environmental, and regulatory considerations.